Writers' Guidelines



Travel by the Books

Published semiannually by four literary fanatics, Travel by the Books first saw the light of day in 2009. The site combines our love of great reading and writing with a travel slant: give us a reason to salivate over the setting of a book, a destination frequented by a famous author or poet, a tour focusing on characters or the author of a book, or short fiction based on a book or character inabiting a setting. We want to share your insights, see the world a little differently, and inspire others to read the stuff you love.


Poetry, Essays, Short Fiction, Author Interviews

Include a few of your favorite quotes with page numbers. (That helps us make the link between place and piece.)

Don't forget to title your work. Preferably something creative.


Hotel Profiles

Write in essay form; tone should be opinionated, personal.
Include literary angle (i.e., the Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan: New Yorker magazine founded there in 1925).

Literary Tour Reviews

Feel free to make up your own, too.

City's Best Sites for Readings (Reviews or Round-ups)

Article or list format. Be opinionated.
Can be historic, hip, unlikely. Whatever makes it great.
Include name, address, phone #, web site (if any), description.


About 1,000 words.


If submitting previously published work, please provide publication data.


Have you read a great book or poem that has a prominent setting and gone there? Have you toured an author's hometown or walked in a character's footsteps? Gone on a Hemingway tour of Paris? Write an essay, poem, or story about it. Create your own literary tour if you want. Make the link between the book, poem, or author you love and the place.

You might write about Henry James in Italy, explore Jorge Luis Borges' Argentina, try out a Flannery O'Connor tour of Savannah. All of literature is at your feet.


By allowing Travel by the Books to publish your work, you are granting us First North American Serial Rights. If the piece has been previously published, you are assigning us Reprint Rights. All rights revert to you 90 days after publication.


While we greatly appreciate your contribution, we cannot pay for it at this time. We do, however, provide abundant exposure via social media! And links to your web site and/or your work, if you provide them, are included in your bio.


Send a note explaining your idea, or send the work itself in the body of an e-mail. Include a three-to-five-line bio and let us know if you have digital photography to illustrate your work. Poets: please give us a few lines of background about your piece (it saves research time).

Send to: submissions@travelbythebooks.com by September 30th for consideration in the Fall 2014 issue.