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Going Into the Wild

Christopher McCandless's fatal journey into the Alaskan interior, as recounted in Jon Krakauer's book, stirred intense feelings in Joseph Aultman-Moore. Could one do it right? Make fewer mistakes and survive? Join him on his quest.
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Landscape of My Childhood

Daniel Woodrell's Tomato Red enchants Heather Luby, who wants to talk to the main characters, scream at them, weep with them. In the end, the Missouri Ozarks have a way of inhabiting one's soul.
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When the Leaves Are Falling

After a breakup, Trish Falin heads to Vicenza, Italy, with a copy of A Poet to His Beloved, by W. B. Yeats. The city in autumn, and the longing in Yeats's words, open her heart.
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Insurgent Ferment

Chasing the legacy of the Beat writers of the fifties, Tina Rubin heads to San Francisco, where the names Ferlinghetti, Kerouc, and Ginsberg can still light up a room–starting with City Lights Books.
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